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Used Automobiles - SUVs, Sedans, and More at  Navarre GMC in Lake Charles

What are the criteria you use for finding the vehicles you want, and what are your favorite vehicles?

Everyone has automobiles that they adore. From our customers, we've learned that many are based on the body style of the vehicle. For example, some may favor vehicles like the used GMC Sierra 1500, Ford Explorer or Chevy Tahoe, with others preferring Toyota's Avalon and Prius. What do both of these preferences have in common? Each model from the body is identified as an SUV and a Sedan. From this, the customer's likely preference could be either Sedans, SUVs, or a crossover between two.

You should know your favorite body styles when picking a used vehicle. Your search will be much easier since the focus of your shopping will come down to certain vehicles and trims being retailed. Here's a brief description showing some of the body styles you'll find with us at Navarre GMC in Lake Charles.

Pickup Truck

Our used pickup trucks are sold in abundance, and they're popular with people that need them for work and moving purposes. Still, some find them useful for running errands around Sulphur, LA and Orange, TX. A pickup truck contains an open flatbed in the back that's supported with vertical sides. This helps keep what's being towed inside from sliding off during transit. Pickups can also tow a great deal in moving capacity. You'll have no problem traveling with a caravan, trailer, or other detachable accessory going with you.


Sedans are smaller than pickups but typically feature four-to-six passenger seats. Rear seats are among the most spacious of all vehicle body styles. The driver sits lower to the ground than a pickup but slightly higher than a sports car.


Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, make up some of the largest passenger cars on the road, next to pickup trucks. Many have similar moving capacities as the trucks but less towing capacity. However, passenger count tends to be the same as a sedan, sometimes higher. The driver sits higher, and some models may house a rack on the ceiling for transporting luggage and other heavy goods. SUVs usually have four doors and seats that fold forward for additional trunk space. Most used SUV models have automatic transmissions and trim between two, four, rear, and all-wheel drive.


The minivan is useful for carpoolers and long-distance travel. The body usually harbors a sliding door on either the driver's or passenger's side. They're commonly utilized by people with families doing a bit of travel but are also popular with cabs and other commercial drivers.


Coupes are usually two-door vehicles with a low roof and four to five seats total. Depending on the model, the rear seats may lack space. Their advantage is usually good fuel economy and acceleration. Today, some coupes might contain two seats and be listed as hybrids instead. Trunk space is generally equal to or smaller than a sedan.


Think of a hatchback as a sedan with an easier-to-access trunk. Most sedans have trunks that open similarly to the hood, where the driver must lift a small hatch to access the rear. Hatchbacks work the same way but have an extended hatch built parallel to the driver standing upright. This provides better access to the trunk and the ability to store more items inside than a normal sedan.

Sports Car

Sports cars sit very low to the ground and are made for fast acceleration and good handling at high speeds. Many sports cars contain only two seats and could take an additional body, the convertible.

Find These Styles with Us at Navarre GMC

All of the body styles named are here with us. We're in Lake Charles and are ready to have you as our next customer. To get any information on anything related to vehicles, including body classifications, contact us or stop in for a visit to our facility! Whether you're in Jennings or Moss Bluff, LA, make your way to Navarre GMC today!

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